In the spring of 2008, I made a “roots trip” to Eastern Europe. I wanted to see where my grandfather and great-grandfather were born (Bratslav, Ukraine), and to walk the streets of Kishinev (modern day Chisinau, Moldova), where my grandparents had their picture taken around the time of the famous 1903 pogrom. Clutching the photograph, as I followed my guide, I became the classic “Amerikanka” looking for her “babushka.”

May 10, 2008: The Journey Begins
Victory Day
Sunday, May 11: House No. 13
Jewish Kishinev
The Gleizer Synagogue
The Almshouse
Tolstoy Street, No. 23
Remembering the Ghetto Victims
The Cemetery
From the Archive
Monday, May 12: Border Crossing
Arriving in Ukraine
At the Train Station in Vinnitsa
The Best Eastern
The Southern Bug
The Mall at Vinnitsa
On the Road
The Yellow Patches
Where They Were Born
The Jewish Face of Bratslav
What They Left
The Mill on the River Bug
A Pilgrimage to the Bratslav Cemetery
Wednesday, May 14: 13 Azatsky Street
June 2009: Return to Kishinev
The Friends from Kishinev
Message of Farewell
The Photograph from Kishinev